Antique, Classic and Custom Automobile Appraiser in all 50 States

In every one of these United States, we have appraised almost every type of antique, classic and custom car. In addition, exotic cars such as Ferrari, Bentley and Tesla are here in abundance. When it comes time to appraise the value of your automobile, RV, motorcycle or heavy equipment for insurance, financing, diminished value or a charitable donation to a non-profit for a tax-deduction, The St. Lucie Appraisal Company is the company you want to call. Our experience appraising all types of motor vehicles provides vehicle and equipment owners with the advantage of hiring someone who knows just how valuable old, well-kept cars and trucks can be. In addition, we keep an extensive library of past automotive sales that other appraisers can not match. We are an antique car appraiser you can count on.


Many companies providing financing or insurance for autos, trucks and heavy equipment have strict requirements regarding the appraisal of vehicles. A bank or credit union lending money toward the purchase of an antique car, dump truck or over the road tractor will ask for an appraisal by a licensed appraiser or adjuster before committing funds toward the purchase. Likewise, insurance underwriters look for documentation before providing coverage. Bankruptcies and loan defaults among owner-operators of trucks and construction equipment make lenders and insurers extremely selective about who they do business with. The St. Lucie Appraisal Company is a company that banks and insurers choose to provide valuation services that they can depend on.

Hire an Expert Antique, Classic and Custom Automobile Appraiser

Selecting a company to perform a car or truck appraisal is typically the job of the prospective buyer or policyholder. Often the vehicle owner is asked to locate an independent appraiser. When lenders or brokers do hire us, it is often as a result of a Google search or positive review on a site such as Yelp,, Google Maps, etc..

After making certain that the independent appraiser is properly licensed, investigate for yourself their expertise and any reviews from past clients. When their appraisal is placed under the microscope of the insurer or lender, if their answers don’t meet the bank’s or insurance company’s criteria, you have wasted your money on a worthless document.

Call The St. Lucie Appraisal Company when only the best and most knowledgeable appraiser will do. Our service area includes all 50 states Our appraisals are sought after for insurance, financing, donations for tax-deductions, diminished value, bankruptcies, divorces, insurance claim disputes, purchase & sales and estate dissolutions.


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