Independent Automobile Appraisers – it is an industry that has changed but, regrettably, not for the better and definitely not for the benefit of auto owners like you and I. From small-operators to companies that offer nationwide service, many independents court insurance companies as clients rather than private parties. One may concede that it makes perfect fiduciary sense. Once they land a big fish like Allstate, State Farm or Progressive, a steady income is virtually guaranteed. Making the job even more desirable is that these appraisers can produce “computerized” valuation and diminished value reports based on formulas, algorithms, valuation guidebooks such as NADA or, in many cases, simply offer their “expert” opinions. What is most interesting, however, is that those independent appraisal firms that accept assignments from private parties in valuation or diminished value disputes use the same shoddy, invalid methodologies simply because it requires minimal effort. While it takes less than ten minutes to prepare a vehicle valuation report or diminished value appraisal using a formula, an independent appraisal company that does actual research such as obtaining expert opinions from multiple dealers or accessing automobile auction results can spend hours arriving at a quantifiable figure. The St. Lucie Appraisal Company is one such independent auto, truck, RV and motorcycle appraiser that does just that. Has maintaining these high standards lead to our having the best reputation among independent auto appraisers? Do your due diligence when choosing an independent appraiser by investigation their reviews in sites such as ripoffreport.com, sitejabber.com, BBB.org, complaintsboard.com, yelp.com, citysearch.com, topix.com, scambook.com, glassdoor.com, caselaw.findlaw.com, google.com/maps, pissedconsumer.com as well as good old Angie’s List. Why did these sites rate a mention? You’ll find negative, sometimes alarming reviews and complaints about almost every independent automobile appraisal company except one. Us.

Insurance companies are obviously well-aware of formula-based appraisals such as derivatives of Rule 17-C so their adjusters and defense attorneys handle them appropriately by downgrading or rejecting claims altogether. Inadequate methodologies lead to angry consumers who are now faced with uncertainty over what to do next – especially when it comes to making third-party inherent diminished value claims. Your dealer – any dealer for that matter – will inform you that your car has lost thousands when you want to trade it in yet insurance companies routinely get away with settling diminished value claims for a few hundred dollars.

To an independent automobile appraiser, the best validation of our work is repeat business. Friends of clients and former clients themselves now dealing with second accidents call us. Attorneys, collision shops, agents and car dealerships keep sending clients our way which wouldn’t be the case if they were hearing complaints of bad faith or poor customer service. We specialize in resolving total loss valuation disputes and inherent diminished value claims.Read our own in-house comments page where our clients have reviewed our services.

Paul N (Alabama)- Franklin, I wanted to thank you for your documents because today we received the full amount from Alfa Insurance Company from your documentation, $10,125.00 diminished value settlement on the BMW. Thanks again.


Our company provides Valuation and Diminished Value Appraisals for all types of cars, trucks and tangible personal property including Antique and Custom Cars, Trucks, Heavy Equipment, Motorcycles, Recreational Vehicles, Mobile Homes and more. Please feel free to call 772-359-4300 with questions.




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