Licensed and Certified Auto Appraiser

There are licensing requirements for automobile appraisers. A properly licensed appraiser is automatically certified as an expert in this field. In order to obtain an adjusters or appraisers license, one must pass background checks and demonstrate both integrity and expertise in order to remain in good standing.

You will also find a number of associations that advertise themselves as certified automobile appraisal entities. These are actually just private companies that provide certifications for a fee. Most states require that an auto appraiser be licensed, successfully complete a course in auto appraisal, pass a state board exam and attend Continuing Education classes yearly for appraising automobiles. Should a state-licensed automobile appraiser be found guilty of a serious infraction, he or she could be subject to having their licenses suspended or revoked. No such penalties exist with the private companies that certify appraisers. Automobile appraisers can work on behalf of insurance companies as well as for individual vehicle owners. The types of appraisals they perform can range from damage estimating, to valuation appraisals and diminished value reports. When hiring an automobile appraiser, make certain that they have the proper credentials. A state-issued adjusters or appraisers license is the best confirmation that the automobile appraiser is qualified and that their reports will be accepted by insurers, magistrates and mediators.

Some of the entities that advertise that they are certified appraisers are listed below. When hiring an appraiser or adjuster who is certified by one of these companies, be sure to cross check with their home state insurance department to determine whether they are properly licensed.

  • The American Society of Certified Auto Appraisers
  • Bureau of Certified Auto Appraisers
  • Auto Appraisal Group
  • The Appraisal Foundation
  • Certified Automobile Appraisal LLC
  • I-Van, International Vehicle Appraisers Network
  • International Automotive Appraisers Association

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