When an auto body shop owner goes out of his way to recommend an independent auto appraiser such as The St. Lucie Appraisal Company to prepare a customer’s automobile diminished value appraisal, it demonstrates their commitment to good customer service. These guys are the ones who realize that their job doesn’t end when the car is detailed and they’ve been paid. Making sure that you are aware of your right to make a third-party inherent diminished value claim against the insurance company of the person who caused the accident is part of making you whole. After collision repairs, your car has a repair history – a bad Carfax – and, as a result, is worth less. In cases of severe damage, your car may lose up to half of it’s pre-accident value. This is known as diminished value and you have the right to make a claim to be reimbursed.


Our company has been endorsed by collision repair shops in all 50 states. In some cases, a single body shop owner will send as many as a dozen clients our way each year. This tells us we’re doing a great job. Nothing demonstrates that like repeat business. The same applies to car dealers, insurance agents and attorneys that regularly refer clients to us.

Your auto body shop and diminished value.The St. Lucie Appraisal Company prepares Automobile Diminished Value Reports the right way – by consulting multiple experts in the business of buying, selling, auctioning and trading cars – sales managers at new car dealerships. Unlike other independent auto appraisers who use formulas, algorithms and other short-cuts, we pick up the phone and obtain six unbiased expert opinions. Ours is a strong report that has been successful in both the claims process and legal proceedings.

Consult with an independent auto appraiser who can convey proof of your car’s diminished value. Choose one who is both competent and experienced in delivering expert trial testimony when needed. The St. Lucie Appraisal Company has gained a positive reputation for furnishing excellent support throughout the claims process and beyond.


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Chevrolet Diminished Value Claim in Topeka, Kansas

Regarding our diminished value appraisal of a 2016 Chevrolet Impala LS with 27,123 miles that was involved in a Rear End Collision that caused $7,183.15 in damage. The car was disabled/towed and had no structural damage or air bag deployment.The claimant made a third-party inherent auto diminished value claim for the vehicle’s loss in value. Once a car is repaired after a collision, it is worth less, often much less depending on the severity of the damage. Regardless of how well the repairer did his job, nobody will pay as much for a previously wrecked car as they would for an identical one that was never in an accident. Presenting a diminished value claim and following it through to a satisfactory conclusion is a daunting task for the average person. Obtaining a comprehensive Diminished Value Report is key.

We learned from these examples from sales managers at Chevrolet dealerships in Kansas- Normally when it’s a minor to moderate accident the loss can range from 15% to 20% of the car’s value. Another opinion is that the rule of thumb for a newer car without frame damage or air bag deployment is from 10% to 20% and also that any car with a bad Carfax will lose value regardless of how minor the damage was.

The opinions of unbiased experts form the basis for the most comprehensive Auto Diminished Value Appraisal available. We obtain six of them which absolutely puts the diminished value figure prepared by The St. Lucie Appraisal Company in the ballpark. This is what the car owner will experience in the real world.

Dealers providing opinions regarding diminished value were given information specific to this vehicle including year, make, model, mileage, color, options, any other pertinent equipment, date of loss as well as the nature of the repaired damages and the manner in which the vehicle was repaired. Dealer opinions are based on personal knowledge and access to auction results. Dealers were advised that this vehicle was properly repaired.

We contacted several Chevrolet dealers in Kansas in order to establish how these repairs and the resultant repair history would impact this vehicle’s Fair Market Value (FMV.) Dealers were provided with an evaluation of the vehicle’s condition both prior and subsequent to repairs.

Description of damage: Non-disabling collision damages to the Rear not including damage to structural components and no air bag deployment. Repair cost $7,183.15. LKQ (used) and/or aftermarket parts were not utilized in the repair/not factored in to the diminished value.

The average of six (6) deductions was 15.00%. This is the percentage of Diminished Value to be taken from the FMV at the time of loss.

We established that the above captioned vehicle had a Fair Market Value (Average Trade-In Value) of approximately $13,500.00 at the time of loss. The Diminished Value was $2,125.00.



paypal payment buttonThe fee for an Automobile Diminished Value Report is $275.00. You may also make your Credit Card Payment by telephone, call 772-359-4300.

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